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Medical Transportation

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11. Exceptions

  • 11.1 Certain types of travel may be considered on an exceptional basis with the appropriate justification. 

    • Diagnostic tests for educational purposes, such as hearing tests;

    • Speech assessment and therapy when coordinated;

    • Medical Supplies and Equipment benefits where a fitting is required;

    • Transportation for clients to visit a pharmacy for pharmacist-supervised methadone ingestion may be provided for up to four months for methadone patients in order to allow stabilization for carries (e.g., where the patient takes doses home) or alternate arrangements to be made. Extensions with justification be considered;

    • Provincially/territorially supported preventative screening programs when coordinated with other medical travel and the cost of the testing is covered under the provincial/territorial health plan;

    • Other requests for travel will be reviewed on a case by case basis with appropriate justification.


Medical Transportation   1-877-983-0911
Vision, Pharmacy, Medical Supplies & Equipment  1-800-665-8507
Dental 1-877-505-0835

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