About Us



The Pinaymootang First Nation is situated 240 kilometers northwest of Winnipeg and about 40 kilometers north of Ashern. It is signatory to Treaty 2, signed on August 21, 1871. The reserve is designated as I.R. no. 50 with an area of 11,315 acres.

The native language is Ojibway. The population is at 2812; on-reserve 1233 and off-reserve of 1579. Approximately 50% of the on-reserve population is under 20 years of age.

The Chief and Council were recently elected in 2021 with a 2 year mandate under the Indian Act. 1 Chief and 6 Council members serve as leadership of Pinaymootang First Nation.

Community Services include a new Administration Office, School that accommodates N - 12 with an enrolment of 388, Fire/Police Protection Services, Daycare, Water plant, Arena, Gas Bar, Restaurant, Gaming Facilities, Band Hall, Church Hall, 3 Community Churches, Employment and Training Facility, Child and Family Services, Sewage/Garbage Disposal, Postal Services, Health Services, and a Family Wellness Camp. 


The First Nation negotiated and signed its transfer agreement with the Minister of Health in December 1998 and is currently in the block funding model. Annual reporting and year-end audit reports are mandatory. 

Pinaymootang Health Centre

The Pinaymootang Health Centre is responsible for helping the people of Pinaymootang First Nation maintain and improve their health.
The Pinaymootang Health Centre is committed to improving the lives of community members to ensure longevity, healthy lifestyle and the effective use of our public health care system.


Mission Statement

The mission of the Pinaymootang Health Centre is to advance health knowledge to our community members with respect to their health. We will build capacity by promoting knowledge and self-care by developing tools and processes in health education. In pursuing this we will: "Take Pride in What We Do".


Our Vision:

"Our strength is our knowledge and the foundation of healthy people, healthy communities and healthy Nations"

The vision of the Pinaymootang Health Centre is to ensure that health services at the community level are not jeopardized and that all information in relation to this is forwarded and explained.

We, the Pinaymootang Health Centre will strive to:

  • Prevent and reduce risks to individual health and the environment;

  • Promote healthy lifestyles;

  • Ensure access to high quality health services that are efficient and accessible;

  • Integrate the health care system with long term plans in the areas of prevention, health promotion and protection;

  • Reduce health inequalities;

  • Ensure that patient rights for safe and adequate health care needs are met at the community level;

  • Provide health education and information to help  our members make informed decisions and improve health status and outcomes.

"We will find our way with each issue and at times we may feel we are accomplishing little but ultimately we are building bridges for those we follow and for future generations"