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The purpose of the HIV/AIDS program is to develop initiatives to control and prevent the spread of HIV infection on-reserve, to reduce the health, social and economic impacts of HIV/AIDS, to encourage and support the active involvement of community, to identify options and strategies for the provision of treatment, care and support programs that will facilitate knowledge that will provide timely and comprehensive education and preventative programs, to increase knowledge and educate to ensure that skills exist at the community level to develop a coordinated approach.

Program Objectives:

  1. Increase the availability of evidence-based HIV interventions;

  2. Increase the awareness among First Nations of the need for;

    • HIV Testing;

    • Access to prevention;

    • Care and Support; and

    • Supportive environments for people living with or at risk of acquiring HIV.

  3. Collaborate with new and current partners towards the achievement of a coordinated/integrated response to HIV; 

  4. Participate in, and contribute to, the global response to address HIV among First Nations.

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