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Jordan's Principle - Child First Initiatve Program

Niniijaanis Nide "My Child, My Heart" Program

Our traditional beliefs are “children are a gift from the Creator”, and for all children, we have a moral and legal obligation and responsibility to care for our children.


Children have a right to feel protected, to be connected to family and to community. They have a right to health, safety and well-being and to be respected when decisions about life are being made on their behalf.

JORDAN’S PRINCIPLE is a child-first principle to resolving jurisdictional disputes within and between federal and provincial/territorial governments within Canada. It was named in memory of Jordan River Anderson, a young boy from Norway House Cree Nation, who spent more than two years unnecessarily in hospital while Canada and Manitoba argued over payment for his at-home care. 


Under the Jordan’s Principle – Child First Initiative, Niniijaanis Nide “My Child, My Heart” Program provides supports to families with children with complex needs and to help enhance the child’s life and facilitate health care interventions and developmental stimulation. We engage families and the community in working together to improve services. Our goal is to contribute to quality of life ensuring that children, young people and their families are enabled to experience a life that is as full and as normal as possible.


Who is eligible? Children living on- reserve with complex needs.

How do I get started? Please contact the Health Centre at 204-659-5786 and ask to speak to a representative from Niniijaanis Nide, My Child My Heart Program. Referrals can come to the Health Centre from Professional sources as well as self-referrals.


Supports and Services may include Respite Care and Support Groups, Child Development Program (Preschool), American Sign Language (ASL), Therapy, Intervention Programs, Socialization Activities, and Land Based Activities.


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