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Canadian Prenatal Nutrition Program (CPNP)

The Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program (CPNP) was announced in 1994 by the Government of Canada. It provides long-term funding to communities to develop and enhance programs for vulnerable pregnant women.

The CPNP aims to:

  • Improve the health of mothers and infants,

  • Reduce the incidence of unhealthy birth weights, and

  • Promote and support breastfeeding

CPNP helps support the needs of pregnant women facing challenges that put their health and the health of their infants at risk. These challenges include poverty, teen pregnancy, social and geographic isolation, substance use and family violence. 

A set of six guiding principles helps us to unify the approach to program delivery:

1. Mothers and babies first - the health and well being of the mother and baby are most important in planning, developing and carrying out the program.

2. Equity and accessibility - the program must meet the social, cultural and language needs of the pregnant women.

3. Community-based - decision making and action in planning, designing, operating and evaluating the program.

4. Strengthening and supporting families - all parts of society share the responsibility for children by supporting parents and families.

5. Partnerships - Partnerships and cooperative activities are the key to develop and effective program.

6. Flexibility - the program must be flexible to respond to the different needs in each community and to the changing needs and coditions of women.

Types of Supports: The CPNP supports include nutrition counseling, prenatal vitamins, milk coupons, counseling in prenatal health and lifestyle, breastfeeding education and support, food preparation training, education and support on infant care and child development.

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