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Aboriginal Headstart On-Reserve Program (AHSOR)

The Aboriginal Head Start on Reserve Home Visiting Program was developed to help families by offering support and to provide educational resources. The program is based on caring, creativity and pride following from the knowledge of our traditional beliefs within a holistic and safe environment.


The first six years of life are very important and set the stage for success in school and later life. And during infancy and early childhood, many experiences should be gained and many skills learned.


The AHSOR program focuses in six main component areas which are:

  1. Culture and Language - The purpose of this is to provide children with a positive sense of pride in being an aboriginal person and to increase knowledge of the language and culture.

  2. Education and School Readiness - The purpose is to support and encourage each child to enjoy being a life long learner and to instill the joy of learning in each child.

  3. Health Promotion - The purpose is to empower parents, guardians, caregivers to increase control over and improve their health.

  4. Nutrition - The purpose is to ensure that children are provided with food that will help meet their nutritional needs and to educate parents about the relationship of nutrition and the child’s ability to learn, physical development and mental development. Ultimately the goal is to empower children and parents to develop or enhance nutritional eating habits that will be maintained.

  5. Social Support - The purpose is to ensure that parents are aware of resources available to them in the community. Assist families in accessing these services.

  6. Parental and Family Involvement - The purpose is to support parents’ and families as the child’s primary caregiver/teacher. This provides the opportunity to empower parents to bring forth their knowledge and gifts and to further develop as role models for their children and community. Ultimately we want parents to be more confident and assertive and to have a deeper understanding of child development.

The AHSOR program initiates home visits on a daily basis and programming such as playgroups on a bi-weekly basis. We are also part of the Dolly Parton Imagination Library in our community. This is a program that offers free books to children 0-5 years but must be registered into the program to qualify. 

Should you have any questions in regards, please do not hesitate to contact Cherish Sumner to register into the program.

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