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Strengthening Families Maternal Child Health Program

The Strengthening Families Maternal Child Health Program is a new program that we are implementing for the community. We believe, the period from conception to six years of age is the most influential period on brain development, behavior, and health. The effects of maternal health during pregnancy and of childhood experiences on brain development during the first six years last a lifetime. In addition to improving knowledge of preconception and reproductive health among young adults helps to promote a healthy start to pregnancy.


The maternal development stage of every child is of most importance. Good health during the prenatal stages of a child’s life for both mother and child. Getting the proper prenatal care, providing health information for the mother and her unborn child, leads to healthy nutrition to promote good health for both, especially the developing brain of the unborn child. When a baby is born, we encourage mothers/caregivers to know and understand the importance of their baby’s developing brain. It is important to educate parents about further engaging in practices to help benefit their child to reach their fullest potential. The first few years of a child’s life, is when the most neural connections are developed in the brain through nurturing environments, loving interactions, social interactions, good

nutrition and the love that comes especially from the parent/primary caregiver. These first encounters are vital and centrally important as to how and who our children will be as they grow. Starting off in life with healthy roots as a child, with the positive steps taken, is key to a brighter future for our next generation.



  • Healthy Children, 

  • Healthy Women/Mothers (preconception, prenatal, birthing, postpartum), 

  • Healthy Fathers, 

  • Healthy Families, 


  • Empower families  

  • Promote physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing of families 

  • Promote trusting and supportive relationships between families and care providers 

  • Increase the community’s capacity to promote and support the family’s health 

What to expect in our program: 

  • Supportive services including screening and assessment of pregnant women and new parents to assess family needs  

  • Reproductive and preconception health promotion 

  • Home visiting by nurses and community-based workers to provide services chosen by the family 

  • Offer education and support to pregnant women and families with infants/children 

  • Promote healthy relationships, and healthy children 

  • Recognition for parenting skills and knowledge with respect to child development, lifestyle choices, access to social supports 

  • Curriculum-based knowledge that is independently chosen by the families 

Some services provided when enrolled in our program: 

  • Home Visitation 

  • Referral, Access, and Case Coordination with other community services 

  • Case Management (dependent on family’s needs) 

  • Prenatal Programming 

  • Play Groups 

  • Breastfeeding Support Classes 

  • Babysitter Safety Training courses 

  • Physical, Mental and Emotional health supports 

  • Education for mothers, fathers, children, and families 

  • Promotion of preventative care for your child(ren)

For more information, please contact Kerri, Cheryl or Alannah at 204-659-5786. 

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