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Health Management

 The purpose of a Health Management Structure is to provide a common, government-wide approach to the collection, management and public reporting of financial and non-financial information. It is meant to:

  • Illustrate the various decision-making mechanisms and accountabilities that exist within the organization to manage programs and activities towards the achievement of results;

  • Identify and define the strategic outcomes linked to the organizations mandate and core functions;

  • Provide a logical organization of the program, activities, service delivery being delivered in support of the organization strategic outcomes;

  • Reflect the way the organization is managed to achieve results with the resources allocated;

  • Link each level and element of the program activity/service delivery to planned and actual information on resources and results; and

  • Provide a performance measurement strategy to enable the organization to adjust program design and spending to better achieve results.


The Pinaymootang First Nation Health Management Structure consists of the following:

  1. Organizational Chart

  2. Roles and Responsibilities of Chief & Council

  3. Roles and Responsibilities of Health Portfolio Council

  4. Roles and Responsibilities of Health Advisory Committee

  5. Roles and Responsibilities of Director of Health

  6. Key Management Functions

  7. Policies


Roles and Responsibilities of the Director of Health

The Director of Health plans, organizes, directs, manages and evaluates the development and administration of health care, service delivery, social and cultural policies to meet the First Nations mission statements. This position is responsible for the related programs designed to protect and promote the health and social welfare of individuals within Pinaymootang First Nation.


Project management, strategic and planning skills, goal setting, financial management, policy development, personnel supervision, evaluation, and monitoring are some of the key factors to management.

Key Management Functions

The purpose of this is to provide direction on the way funding is handled and the policies and procedures surrounding this will be found in our Health Plan. The Pinaymootang First Nation Health Program is accountable to its members, to Chief and Council and to our funders.


Our Health Plan consists of the following policies: Creating a Culture of Safety, Finance Policy and Procedure Manual, Personnel Policy, Medication Management Policy, Infection Prevention and Control Policy, Interpersonal and Communication Strategy, Mental Health and Addictions, Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Response Plan, Home and Community Care Service Delivery Plan, Medical Transportation Policy, Record Charting Policy and Procedure Manual, Occupational Health and Safety Policy, Falls Prevention Strategy, Research Guidelines, Disclosure Policy, Communicable Disease Emergency Plan, Jordan's Principle, Child First Initiative Guidelines, Foot Care Services, Pandemic Planning. 

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