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Community Health & Professional Services


The Community Health Nurse (CHN) provides a variety of services in health education, home visits, communicable disease control, individualized health counseling, raising awareness on issues related to healthy lifestyles among First Nation Families within Pinaymootang First Nation.


Community Health Nursing involves maintaining and improving health through activities focusing primarily on prevention, health education and assessments.



In community Physician Services are provided one day per week every Tuesday at the Pinaymootang Health Centre with Dr. Le.       


In working in partnership with Life Smart Pharmacy in Winnipeg, Manitoba to bring pharmacy services to Pinaymootang, Pharmacist Dan Kyrzyk provides this service one day per week every Tuesday at the Pinaymootang Health Centre.


A dental therapist visits the community 2 days a week every Monday and Tuesday to address the high rates of preventable dental disease and to provide First Nations with opportunities to: 

  1. Implement and participate in activities to address and reduce dental disease incidence;

  2. Reduce untreated disease burden within their communities;

  3. Promote good oral health practices; and

  4. Provide access to oral health clinical services within their scope of practice.


Dental Health Therapist Lucy Diaz provides this service to Pinaymootang every Mondays and Tuesdays of each week.


The Community Health Representative (CHR) is responsible for participating in the delivery of high standard Community Health, treatment and surveillance programs in order to provide quality health prevention and treatment in the community. As a member of the Health Care Team, the CHR is responsible for liaising between patients, families, the community and health care providers to ensure patients and families understand their conditions and treatment, and are receiving appropriate care.


The Canadian Diabetes Association recommends all persons living with diabetes to have at least  1-foot examination per year completed by a Certified Foot Care Nurse. This exam would include foot care education, support and encouragement for self-care preventative maintenance. Clients identified with increased risk are followed on a more regular basis.

A Certified Foot Care Nurse is available at the Pinaymootang Health Centre 4 days a month (Monday/Tuesday bi-weekly) to provide basic foot care to diabetics and elders in the community. Basic foot care includes the following:

  • Basic Foot and Lower Limb Assessment

  • Basic Wound Assessment

  • Basic Footwear Assessment/Examination

  • Corn and Callus Reduction

  • Nail Care

  • Client Education and Health Promotion (Foot related)

  • Referrals to Footwear Fittings

  • Referrals to Medical Specialists


To book an appointment, please contact Brenda Henry at the Pinaymootang Health Centre at 204-659-5786. 

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