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Medical Transportation

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Traditional Healer Travel

8. Traditional Healer Services Travel Policy

  • 8.1 Medical transportation benefits, within the client's region/territory of residence, may be provided for clients to travel to see a traditional healer or, where economical, for a traditional healer to travel to the community.

  • 8.2 Medical transportation benefits to access traditional healer services must be preauthorized by FNIH. On an exception basis, authorization may be granted after the fact by FNIH when appropriate medical justification is provided and approved. 

  • 8.3 When the traditional healers selected by the client are outside of the client's region/territory of residence, travel costs will be reimbursed for travel to the region/territorial border only.

  • 8.4 The following criteria must be considered prior to approving medical transportation benefits for traditional healer services:

    • The traditional healer is recognized as such by the local Band, Tribal Council or health professional;

    • The traditional healer is located in the client's region/territory of residence;

    • A licensed physician, or if a licensed physician is not routinely available in the community, a community health professional or FNIH representative has confirmed that the client has a medical condition.

  • 8.5 The NIHB Program does not pay for any associated honoraria, ceremonial expenses or medicines. These costs remain the sole responsibility of the client.


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