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Medical Transportation

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Client Escorts

5. Client Escorts

  • 5.1 Medical transportation benefits may include the provision of transportation, accommodation and meals for medical or non-medical escorts for clients travelling to access medically required health services

  • 5.2 The use of an escort must be preauthorized by FNIH. The length of time for which the escort is authorized will be determined by the client's medical condition or legal requirements.

  • 5.3 Medical transportation benefits do not include the payment of a fee, honorarium or salary to medical or non-medical escorts.

Non-Medical Escorts

  • 5.5 The provision of a non-medical escort may be approved, following a doctor's or community health professional's request, only when there is a legal or medical requirement such as:

    • Where the client has a physical/mental disability of a nature that he or she is unable to travel unassisted; 

    • Where the client is medically incapacitated; 

    • Where the client has been declared "mentally incompetent" by a court; 

    • When there is a need for legal consent by a parent or guardian; 

    • To accompany a minor who is accessing medically required health services; 

    • When a language barrier exists; or 

  • When an escort has been authorized, the following criteria should be considered in selecting the escort:

    • A family member who is required to sign consent forms or provide a patient history; 

    • A reliable member of the community; 

    • Physically capable of taking care of themselves and the client and not requiring assistance or an escort themselves; 

    • Proficient in translating from local language to English/French; 

    • Able to share personal space to support client; 

    • Interested in the well-being of the client; and 

    • Able to serve as driver when client is unable to transport him/herself to or from appointment.

  • 5.7 Unless there is a medical or legal requirement for an escort to stay longer, or it is more practical financially to have the escort stay longer, the escort shall return to the community by the earliest and most economical reasonable means.


Medical Transportation   1-877-983-0911
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