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Medical Transportation

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Addictions Treatment Travel

7. Addictions Treatment Travel Policy 

  • 7.1 Travel will be funded to the closest appropriate NNADAP funded/referred facility in the home province only. Exceptions are made to travel outside the province only when the required treatment is not available in the home province or when a neighbouring province's treatment centre is the closest centre and approved by the NIHB Regional Office.

  • 7.2 Clients are required to meet all treatment centre entry requirements prior to medical transportation benefits being authorized.

  • 7.3 Only the most efficient and economical method of transportation will be authorized, taking into account the medical condition of the client.

  • 7.4 An escort is only provided for a client as defined in Section 5 (Client Escorts).

  • 7.5 Trips home during the course of treatment will not be authorized unless part of the treatment plan as established by the facility and approved prior to starting treatment.

  • 7.6 Family trips to the treatment facility will not be authorized .

  • 7.7 Transportation to return the client to the community will not be provided for clients who discharge themselves from treatment.

  • 7.8 Travel to access additional treatment within a one year period requires approval from the NIHB Regional Office.

  • 7.9 Medical transportation benefits will only be provided for clients while in the care of the treatment centre when approved by the NIHB Regional Office.

  • 7.10 Exceptions may be authorized, with appropriate justification, when approved by the NIHB Regional Office.


Medical Transportation   1-877-983-0911
Vision, Pharmacy, Medical Supplies & Equipment  1-800-665-8507
Dental 1-877-505-0835

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