Pinaymootang FN Wellness (Fitness) Centre:


The Pinaymootang First Nation Wellness (Fitness) Centre held its grand opening on June 15, 2009. Funds to build this facility was proposal driven through the Province of Manitoba, Community Fundraising Initiatives and Pinaymootang First Nation.

We would like to personally thank Anishinaabe Child & Family Services, Interlake Regional Health Authority, Interlake Reserves Tribal Council, Springhill Lumber and others for the donations of all equipment. Kitchi-Meegwetch!
Now its time to get physically active.

The Mustimuhw cEMR (Community Electronic Medical Record)

MUSTIMUHW (pronounced Moose tee mook) is a Coast Salish word meaning "all of the people". It was selected by Cowichan Tribes Elders as the name for the community electronic medical record. 

The teaching of "Nuts'amaat Squaluwun (One Heart, One Mind) has guided the development of the Mustimuhw cEMR. Mustimuhw provides a model for the seamless integration of health information within the Health Centre.

And in June 2012, through partnerships of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs, Cowichan Tribes of BC, Saint Elizabeth Health Care, Manitoba eHealth, First Nations & Inuit Health – Manitoba Region, the PFN Health Program was selected as one of the three mustimuhw sites within Manitoba.

Mustimuhw is an electronic medical charting system which creates greater efficiency in times where staff resources are limited, and ultimately allows for more interaction time between the healthcare provider and the members. It is anticipated that this new electronic medical charting system will be in place by mid-November 2012.