Community Health Representative

The Community Health Representative (CHR) is responsible for participating in the delivery of high standard Community Health, treatment and surveillance programs in order to provide quality health prevention and treatment in the community. As a member of the Health Care Team, he/she is also responsible for liaising between patients, families, the community and health care providers to ensure patients and families understand their conditions and treatment, and are receiving appropriate care. The incumbent will also educate and monitor the community for general health, and in epidemics and emergencies.

The Community Health Representative directly impacts individuals and the community as a whole by working with health care providers and the community to educate and provide information and support about healthy individuals, families and communities based on a holistic approach to health and health care. He/she will perform a wide variety of consulting and support services to individuals and groups that encourage prevention, and intervention when necessary.

He/she will provide up-to-date information and resources to promote healthy lifestyles through education, immunization and clinics. The incumbent also monitors the home and community to identify the required resources and interventions. He/she is required to research and produce community relevant resources to ensure that the individuals in the community understand and appreciate the information being provided.